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 I declare that I am an Indian citizen, belonging to Bahujan Samaj Community, above 18 years of age and am making this contribution voluntarily & willingly from personal Income. I want to contribute as a payback to society fund to the Bamcef organization, which is working for the emancipation of Bahujan Samaj. I also permit BAMCEF to communicate with me using my phone and/or email specified above. The particulars and statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or withheld.

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It is clear from that the lack of representation given to our collective voices over so many issues and not least the failure to uphold the Constitution - that we're facing a crisis not only of leadership, but within the entire system. We have started our “Mulnivasi Nayak“ on web page to expose the exploitation and injustice wherever occurring by the brahminical forces & awaken the downtrodden voiceless & helpless community.

Our Mission

Media is playing important role in democracy. To form an opinion is the primary work in any democracy. Brahmins and Banias have controlled the fourth pillar of the democracy, by which democracy is in danger. We have the mission to save the democracy & to make it well advanced in common masses.

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